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   Traditional waka poets of the Japanese Court Period often created long sequences of waka. Usually these sequences of perhaps 70 (only seasonal) or even 100 verses (seasonal, love and miscellaneous) were done collaboratively among poets, but occasionally a single poet would write the sequence. For instance, Hiroaki Sato has translated three 100 verse sequences written by Princess Shikishi in the book, "String of Beads."

  One hundred verse sequences usually consisted of a 20 verse spring sequence, a 15 verse summer sequence, a 20 verse autumn sequence, a 15 verse winter sequence and a love sequence and miscellaneous sequence (laments, travel poems, occasional poems, poems of parting or religious  poems) that together totaled 30 verses.

   In keeping with the established tradition, the poets at the Mountain-Home site are in the process of creating a 100 verse sequence and offer this site.



Mountain-Home Ensemble

Christopher Baskind (Kit)--Florida
D.W. Bender--Florida
Claudia Cadwell--New York and California
Paul Cooper (Choshi)--New York
Gillena Cox--Trinidad/Tobago
Donna Ferrell--Ohio
Suzanne Finnegan--Mississippi
Helen Kinsella--New York
Sunny Larson--Arizona
Richard St. Clair--Massachusetts
Don Socha--Michigan
George Steel--Canada
Maria Steyn--Republic of South Africa
Jari Sutinen--Finland
Sarah Whitworth--New York